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Pediatrics Health 2018

About the Conference


Conference Series LLC welcomes all the Pediatricians throughout the world to attend “International Conference on Pediatrics Health” which will be held during August 06 -07, 2018.  Pediatrics Health 2018 is an extraordinary event which brings together a unique and international mix of large and medium companies, leading universities, research institutions and hospitals in the field of Pediatrics to the historical city of Madrid, Spain.

 Pediatrics Health 2018 aims to promote continuous medical education and encourage a nourishing exchange of facts and ideas about Health of Infants and Children. This will be a best chance to impact the biggest gathering of members from the Pediatricians. We cordially invite the Scientists, Researchers, Pediatric Nurses, Pediatric doctors, educators, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals interested in the up-gradation of the healthcare requirements of pediatric patients suffering with health disorders.

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Why to Attend?

The general population everywhere throughout the world ought to be concerned about Pediatrics Health. With members from around the world, this conference is the perfect platform and best opportunity to reach to a larger gathering of experts in the field of Pediatrics Health. Conference gathering incorporates keynote addresses, board discourses, workshops, symposiums, board dialogs, notice presentations, youthful scientist discussions. This event is the great platform for you to conduct presentations, distribute information, meet with potential scientists and receive name and recognition to your work. We additionally welcome the interest of Presidents, CEO's, Pediatric specialists, restorative understudies, Industrial individuals, Delegates and Health care areas.

Target Audience

  • Pediatric Scientists
  • Pediatric Health Professionals
  • Pediatric Nutritionists
  • Pediatric Researchers
  • Pediatric Faculties
  • Pediatric Nurses
  • Pediatric Physicians
  • Pediatric Health Care Associates
  • Pediatric Specialists
  • Training Institutes
  • Medical Colleges
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Pediatric Dietitians





Market Analysis

Scope and Importance:

The 18th International Conference on Pediatrics Health provides the scope for opportunities to learn about modern technologies and medical practices progressed by knowledgeable, skilled and experienced pediatric scientists, pediatric health professionals, pediatric nutritionists, pediatric researchers, pediatric health care associates, and a team of many other multidisciplinary specialists. This conference mainly focuses on spreading the awareness about how to prevent pediatric diseases and various challenges in the field of pediatrics. This conference provides the best platform to learn, inform and discuss new ideas, current discoveries and issues related to child health. With the 18th International Conference on Pediatrics Health, we expect the gathering of worldwide experts and eminent people to discuss and share their novel ideas or new research so that it would be beneficial for children suffering from various diseases.

Why Madrid, Spain?

Madrid is the most populous city of the Kingdom of Spain and has a population of almost 3.2 million with a metropolitan area population of 6.5 million. High mortality rates in Madrid was due to birth defects, prematurity/low birth weight, sudden infant death syndrome, maternal complications of pregnancy and various diseases.

Madrid during 2010-2014 has shown a mortality rate of 5.4 per 1,000 live births. In 2002, the mortality rate in Spain was 8.0 per 1,000 live births which have reached to 2.40 per 1,000 infant births by the year 2014. Demographic research reveals that within four years, Spain’s death rate will overtake its birth rate. Once the birth rate has fallen below the mortality rate, estimated to occur by around 2017, within another six years the population will have declined by 5.6 percent, or 2.6 million people, bringing headcount down to 44.1 million from its current figure of 47 million. Reflecting these statistics, Pediatrics Health- 2018 aims to create awareness and achieve the goal of reducing mortality rate.

Members Associated with Pediatrics Health Research:

The Pediatric health research specialties includes pediatric allergy, immunology and rheumatology, pediatric cardiology, pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric endocrinology and diabetes and so on. The members associated with the research include pediatric scientists, pediatric cardiologists, pediatricians, pediatric physicians, training Institutes, etc.

Association and Societies:

In Madrid

In Spain

In World

International Society of Pediatric Dermatology

Spanish Association of Primary Care Pediatrics

Child Health Medical Associate

Union of European Neonatal & Perinatal Societies (UENPS)

Spanish Sleep Society

International Pediatric Association

Spanish Society of Neonatology

Spanish Association of Pediatrics Advisory Committee on Vaccines

The World Federation of Associations of Pediatric Surgeons

International Pediatric Association Zurich


Universities Associated with Pediatric Health Research:

Madrid, Spain


Saint Louis University Madrid Campus

University of Alabama

University of Barcelona

Midwestern University

Compultense University of Madrid

University of Southern California

Autonomous University of Madrid

Stanford University


Western University of Health Sciences


Emory University


Yale University


University of Pennsylvania


Columbia University


Hospitals Associated with Pediatric Health Research:




Quiron Madrid University Hospital

Centro Medico Teknon

Canada Children’s and Women’s Hospital

HM Hospital

Chiron Hospital Group

Phoenix Children’s Hospital Foundation

Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro

Hospital General de Catalunya

UC Davis Children’s Hospital

Nisa Pardo de Aravaca Hospital

Sanitas Hospital

Texas Children’s Hospital

Ruber International Hospital


Shriners Hospital for Children

Hospital Universitario HM Monteprincipe


University of IOWA Children’s Hospital



St. Louis Children’s Hospital



Sunrise Hospital &Medical Centre



Centennial Hills Hospital



Lifecare Complex Care Hospital at Tenaya



Valley Hospital Medical Centre



North Vista Hospital



South Lyon Medical Centre



Kindred Hospital Las Vegas-Sahara



Horizon Specialty Hospital


Market Value on Pediatric Research:

It is being acknowledged that the pediatrics health research is being increased due to various infectious diseases. According to the records in Spain the market value on pediatrics health research is 42 million.



Market Growth of Pediatrics Health Research in last and upcoming years:

It is being acknowledged that the global market value for pediatric healthcare is accounted to approximately $85 billion in 2016 and expected to grow at 8.2% CAGR in future.



Track 1: Pediatrics Health

Pediatrics is known as a new modern medicine in the society today and involves the medical care of infants, children, and adolescents. Pediatrics health is a state of physical, mental, intellectual, social and emotional well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.


Track 2: Pediatric Cardiology

Pediatric Cardiology is the branch of medicine dealing with heart disorders and concerned with the study of congenital cardiac malformations, acquired Pediatric heart diseases and abnormalities of the systemic and pulmonary circulations in the fetus, new born, child and young adult.


Track 3: Neonatology

Neonatology is a medical specialty that includes taking care of the babies. The doctors involved in this treatment are called Neonatologists. Neonatologists focus on the care of newborns who require Intensive Care Unit (ICU) hospitalization as their organs are not fully developed it can lead to host problems that require expert interventions.


Track 4: Pediatric Oncology

Pediatric oncology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in children. The most common childhood cancer types include leukemia, brain tumors and lymphomas and the researchers are looking for genetic source of childhood cancer.  It is acknowledged that neuroblastoma (less common cancer type) is an embryonic malignancy of the sympathetic nervous system arising from neuroblasts (pluripotent sympathetic cells).


Track 5: Pediatric Psychiatry Disorders

Pediatric psychiatry is concerned with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders in children, adolescents, and their families and is a multidisciplinary field of both scientific research and clinical practice that involves the psychological aspects of illness, injury, and the promotion of health behaviors. Treatment of Psychiatric disorders involves elements such as behavior therapy, cognitive-behavior therapy, problem-solving therapies, etc.


Track 6: Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent medicine is a medical subspecialty that is concerned with the patient care who are in the adolescent period of development. The development period ranges from the last years of elementary school until graduation from high school. Patients have generally entered puberty, which typically begins between the ages of 11 and 13 for boys and between 9 and 11 for girls.


Track 7: Pediatric Ophthalmology

Pediatric Ophthalmology is concerned with diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases, visual development, and vision care in children. The doctors involved in this treatment are called 

Pediatric ophthalmologists who focus on the development of the visual system and the various diseases that disrupt visual development in children and also have expertise in managing the various ocular diseases that affect children.


Track 8: Pediatric Surgery

Pediatric Surgery is a subspecialty of surgery that deals with the surgical operations of fetuses, infants, children, adolescents, and young adults. Pediatric Surgery subspecialties include neonatal surgery and fetal surgery. It is also responsible for the treatment of many disorders through surgical operations.


Track 9:   Pediatric Rheumatology

Pediatric Rheumatology is a medical subspecialty concerned with diagnosis and therapy of rheumatic diseases. Physicians specializing in rheumatology are rheumatologists who deal with clinical problems involving joints, soft tissues, autoimmune diseases, vasculitis, and heritable connective tissue disorders. Diseases diagnosed or managed by rheumatologist include Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Septic arthritis, etc.


Track 10: Pediatric Neuropsychology

Pediatric neuropsychology is a subspecialty of clinical neuropsychology concerned with the studies of relationship between brain health and behavior in children. The doctors involved in this treatment are called neuropsychologists who are involved in the treatment of disorders like Speech and Language Impairment, ADHD and Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disability, Autism Spectrum Disorder, etc.


Track 11: Pediatric Critical Care

Pediatric critical care otherwise known as Critical care medicine is concerned with the diagnosis and management of conditions that requires organ support and invasive monitoring. The critical care organ systems include cardiovascular system, central nervous system, endocrine system, gastro-intestinal tract hematology, microbiology, etc. Critical care medicine is an increasingly important medical specialty.


Track 12: Pediatric Hematology

Pediatric hematology is the branch of medicine concerned with the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of blood disorders in children. It involves treatment of diseases that affect the production of blood and its components, such as blood cells, hemoglobin, blood proteins, bone marrow, platelets, blood vessels, spleen, and the mechanism of coagulation.


To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date August 06-07, 2018

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